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 About Fire Wall Signs, Inc.

In consultation with model building code officials, state fire marshals and local building inspection officials, a sign has been developed which satisfies the requirement for identification of rated walls.

The signs are intended to be used to identify the actual fire-rated integrity of a wall. Therefore, prior to placing the sign, it is essential that the wall be verified and, if found to be deficient, improved to conform with the intended qualities. Only after sealing all holes and penetrations and verifying the presence and proper installation of appropriate duct dampers should the sign be installed.

Most code officials require wall identification be placed on both sides of all rated walls, treating each time a wall changes direction as a new wall. Spacing of signs on a long wall should not exceed 12-foot centers. It is recommended that signs be installed in all finished areas 8-inches above suspended ceilings and in unfinished areas without suspended ceilings approximately 10-feet above the floor.

Who should be interested:

  • Architects and Engineers
  • Construction Firms
  • Building Owners
  • Building Maintenance Engineers
  • Building Inspectors

When Specify and Install:

  • 2021 International Building Code 703.5 (most current version)
  • New Construction
  • Renovation
  • Life Safety Code Upgrade
  • Facility Maintenance

The What:

  • Identification sign for rated walls
  • Vinyl construction sign with peel and stick application
  • 15" x 11" in size with 3" letters & 3/8" key stroke

Why Use:

  • Conform with requirements
  • Identifying wall integrity